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Rakesh Nigam is the Chief Executive Officer of EntTelligence and is the driving force to bring his vision of innovation and engineering execution to the Entertainment industry. 

With over 30 years of experience as an executive and leader within Wall Street, Rakesh brings a diverse, creative and entrepreneurial aspect to everything he does.  He has had a focus on FinTech, Data Science and other disruptive forces as the financial industry changed shape and size and has applied this to the Entertainment industry for the past five years.


Rakesh is an execution specialist with a successful track record of large-scale innovation program delivery in technology and business process managing up to 550 employees within a global organization.  His skill of harmonizing teams with structure and agility allows him to create compelling, goal-driven environments and client outcomes.

Rakesh also works closely with a number of technology start-ups in New York's Silicon Alley and is a mentor in graduate programs at both Columbia University and Washington University.

Rakesh Nigam
Chief Executive Officer and Partner

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