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Impression Analysis

Data Science Teams must understand how advanced sales equate to geo-specific foot traffic thereby maximizing sales opportunity’s market by market.

Marketing Executives must understand the effectiveness of their ad campaigns – whether on screen or physically installed in the lobby.

Distribution Teams must maximize “shelf space” by analyzing auditorium capacities and occupancy rates.

Impression Analysis

Program Analytics
and Market Trends

programed seats



exposure opportunities

Content producers must understand overall market reach. It’s not a matter of knowing how many theaters a film is playing in; nor is it even a matter of understanding how many showtimes a film is provided.

Today’s analysis measures the quantity of programmed seats coupled with Daypart breakdowns to maximize exposure opportunities to reach consumers.

Monitoring beyond box office trends and traditional DMA’s, our partners use EntTelligence to now understand format and content trends like premium seating or film format analysis.

Program Analytics

Pricing Diagnostics

With so many variables that are associated with ticket pricing (time of day, format, or market), understanding consumer tolerance with precision is critical.


Example questions that create insights & awareness


What is the differential in Child pricing to Adult for an animated film?


How does my adult-centric title price out for seniors who like matinee pricing?


What is the national trend/upcharge for Premium Format compared to standard auditoriums so I can better predict?

Pricing Diagnostics
MovieMeasure Trailer Dashboard

Analyzing Campaign Impact

In today's theatrical marketplace understanding the performance of your in-theater marketing campaign is essential.   


EntTelligence's On-Site MovieMeasure group gives exhibitor relation teams the ability to track  campaigns targeted on wide releases in all major markets.  Providing data driven insights that will inform current and future campaign strategies.

Campaign Solutions

Optimizing Material Impressions

Our MovieMeasure Theatrical Intelligence,  provides exhibitor relation and marketing teams a way to track the marketing material impact from Installation throughout the campaign with deep analytics, images and trends.



 Placement in the Main Lobby

Placement Metrics

Visibility Metrics


High Traffic

Total % of placement by foot traffic


Market Share

Percentage of all displayed materials

Gather insight into the competitive landscape.  

Understand material placement, foot traffic, and market share optimizing content strategy. 

Analyze and compare competitive 

campaigns with in-depth metrics and detailed insights on new and notable materials

Review on-site images and asses displayed material conditions to choose the appropriate action to fix or replace content, maintaining a strong market presence.

Material Solutions

Understand Release Performance

MovieMeasure Live Monitoring Solutions

EntTelligence On-Site MovieMeausure group's  live monitoring solutions provides precise patron counts and gross estimates based on up-to-date ticket prices collected by our API's. Providing exhibitor relations teams comprehensive comparisons to actual grosses and invaluable insight into the performance of their theatrical releases. 

Box Office

Sales comparisons









Ticket Sales

Total number of tickets sold

Head Count

Total number of moviegoers observed

Live Monitoring
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