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A population greater than Austria watches Spider-man: No Way Home in the US

EntTelligence counts 9.2M who’ve seen Spider-Man: No Way Home so far, “that’s more people than the entire population of the Tokyo City limits and Austria and that’s not including Saturday or Sunday’s upcoming traffic,” reports the box office analytics firm.

A great indicator that the power of the big screen will not be defeated by a pandemic: Ticket sales for all movies this weekend are expected to gross an estimated $273.5M, +10% from two years ago when Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, the last massive blockbuster, opened before Covid. However, as we mentioned prior, the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home is not a case of a tide rising all boats. No Way Home is commanding 90% of the entire weekend’s ticket sales, this compared to Rise of Skywalker which had an opening of $177.3M that repped 72% of the domestic B.O. over Dec. 20-22, 2019. EntTelligence reports that Spider-Man repped 91% of all moviegoing attendance yesterday. That’s nine out of every ten movie goers went to see the webslinger on Friday. So far the average theater has played Sony’s biggest opener ever 37x.

Sixty-two percent of all seats were allocated to No Way Home says EntTelligence. Those who watched No Way Home before 3PM repped 20% of the crowd, with another 20% attending between 3PM to 6PM, 33% between 6PM to 9PM, and then 27% after 9PM. Moviegoers have paid an average ticket price of $13.33 while those choosing to watch it in PLF shelled out $17.10 and 3D tickets were at an average of $16.52 each.

Overall box office analytics firm EntTelligence reports that more than 3.7M people saw Spider-Man: No Way Home on Thursday night, 95% of all tickets being sold after 3 p.m. On average, exhibition had 16 showtimes for the film on the night. Moviegoers paid an average of $13.56 per ticket.

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